Reflections on India - Nick Rasmussen

A play by play of our days in here have been documented in 144 character blocks through the YMAD Sahasa Twitter account. If you have not seen our Twitter account, it has all our pictures from the excursion on it. You do not need a Twitter account to view the pictures. It has been an absolute blast to experience India through the eyes of your teens, to watch them grow, experience and learn about their world. When your teens say that they want to stay, that they love it here, and that the girls mean the world to them, I genuinely believe that is what they feel. They show it through their commitments, actions and words.

What a blessing it has been to observe their progress. As a parent myself, I want nothing more than for my daughter to experience what your teens have over the last 11 months. I hope you see their change as we greet you again in the airport in Salt Lake City.

Internally I have struggled with thoughts of inequality between our two “worlds.” We received the warmest of receptions at every house we visited throughout Tangtala. At times we were welcomed so warmly I felt guilt for having been so blessed, the majority of which I have done nothing to earn. Bottom line is we’re all the same; we’re all people with many of the same concerns, fears, hopes and dreams.

My Indian friends have taken a piece of my heart, and so have our High School companions. Thank you parents, friends, family and the rest of your village in Utah/Wyoming, these are remarkable teens. It’s never been more apparent to me that “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Thank you all,

Nick Rasmussen

PS- There is a high probability that we will NOT have Internet access while in Darjeeling. We will keep you posted with blogs, tweets and pictures as our connectivity permits.