What a great group of teens!

My group has been assigned to the village of Tontala which is basically a massive marsh. Imagine a tropical place that's super flat, with palm trees, banana trees and it's super humid. The people live in homemade brick huts, and one of the houses we visited today, they made crab cages by hand. They catch about 300 tiny crabs, can fit in your palm, every day and sell them at the market. When we would arrive at these houses, the people treated us like royalty. It makes me sad that they think we're something above them, either that or they are literally making us feel as welcome as possible, a red carpet welcome. We received Hindu welcomes and blessings at both homes we visited and at the school we taught at.

These blessings consist of an burning oil lamp and flowers. They strip the small petals off the flowers and throw them on top of you. Like whole handfuls. Then they place a dot on our foreheads. Not sure what it means, but they treat us like royalty.

The countryside is gorgeous. Like breath taking, and the driving is equally breathtaking. It's literally millimeters from head on collisions and everyone is on a scooter, moped or tri-Moto.

I am most impressed with the teens. They are an incredible group of kids. When asked what their favorite part of the trip so far has been they have all responded "being with and teaching the little kids." To the parents of all these teens, THANK YOU for raising such incredible people, I am blessed to learn from them on this trip.

-Nick Rasmussen