10 0f 100,000,000 thoughts about India

  HOLY COW!! No I am not talking about the “holy cows” we see hanging out on the side of the road… I am talking about my time in India!! I’m sure most of these blogs are saying the same things about how amazing and indescribable each and every second is here, but I will say it just one more time… INDIA IS INCREDIBLE!!


There is so much to say and try to explain but I will talk about some of the things I have learned and seen while I have been in India:


  1. If you eat Guava fruits that are peeled in peoples homes while on village tours, you might end up sleeping on the bathroom floor, near death, and miss out on an ENTIRE day in India. I’m pretty sure I cleared out EVERY SINGLE THING I have eaten since I left my house more than a week ago.

However, it only lasted for about 24 hours and I am feeling much better and everyone took super good care of me!

  1. I am quite positive both of my arms will be just a bit longer when I return home due to the continuous pulling and ripping of my arms while we play with the little girls at Nistha, however, my arms are going to be so lonely and so cold without 5 little girls hanging on them.
  2. I am so sick of everyone telling me not to touch the dogs. Clearly I am responsible for my own actions and if I get rabies, I will handle it on my own. SO LET ME LOVE THE DOGS, DANG IT! (Just kidding! don’t worry mom and dad I still won’t touch them!)
  3. There are dirty barefeet everywhere, those that know me know that this is quite an issue for me. I am happy to say that I have started to overcome this consuming fear of mine.
  4. Car rides could be compared to the ultimate Disneyland ride times a million!! Meant for the ultimate thrill seeker and adrenaline junky. They are nuts!!
  5. My village is amazing. The kids love to learn and it’s so cool to be the “teacher.” They all want to touch my hand and want “one pictcha” and sometimes even ask for my autograph…. Too cool!!
  6. The people here are seriously my best friends. The teens, the leaders, the children… I really can’t even fathom the idea of coming home and not having all of them in my life every single day (however, I can’t wait to see my family and friends back at home too!)
  7. People are constantly taking pictures of all of us. We don’t even notice or care to notice anymore. At any given moment we could be being filmed or having pictures taken of us. It seriously is so funny and crazy!! The area we are in really is not used to tourists and that is a really cool thing for me to be able to experience.
  8. Crying, laughing and smiling is the one true universal language. I have learned that and I love that.

10. The head nods here are enough to put you in a tizzy. They don’t nod yes or no. They swivel their head no matter what you ask them and it is quite confusing. But I am adapting!


I love it here and truly never want to come home!! People are so happy and nice and friendly and giving and grateful and joyful and full of life and the list goes on and on. I hope to return with that same Indian spirit and can spread it with all my loved ones back home!!


--Mom and Dad I miss you and I loved your letters, they were so sweet and were so special to me. I love you sooo much and can’t wait to share this incredible experience with you when I get home.


Love, Jessie Sullivan