Maybe it’s the Curry By: Wyatt Hardesty

November 26, 2019 - 2019: Operation Parivar

Maybe it’s the curry. Today was our final day at Bandal (our school). Today was our last day with those cheery children that touch our hearts with everything that they do. I’m rarely an emotional person, but after we handed out their backpacks blankets, gloves, hygiene kits and school kits I was having a hard time keeping it all contained. Being able to give the kids something that they otherwise would have to go to great lengths to receive is something I cherish.

There is a reason after all why I chose to join another YMAD expedition this year. The smiles every day as we walk into their school yard and their loud cheers as they do their morning prayers are enchanting. This whole experience has been crazy. I could not expect to be so content and satisfied after leaving the school today.

Though it hurts to say final goodbyes and drive back to our hotel, I think it should be said that we shouldn’t be sad that it’s over, but happy because it happened. I hope everyone reading this can live with those words in mind whenever a traumatic or heartbreaking experience affects them. Maybe it’s the curry that makes the kids so happy and grateful; maybe it’s the curry that makes people bend over backwards to be hospitable to us; maybe it’s the curry that allows our team courage and strength to travel across half the world, try new and crazy food, make an hour drive up a winding and steep mountain road and teach these little kids English as best we can with all our heart.

Coming up with an ending for this last blog is really hard and I don’t think it’s fair because I don’t think it’ll end up being my last blog. This experience is something I have spent so much time working for and I don’t think my life would be much the same without it. Maybe there’s something in the food here that makes me want to come back…

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