Goodbyes By: Amy Scharman

November 26, 2019 - 2019: Operation Parivar

It was a bit of a somber ride back to the hotel today. Our YMAD teens, who are usually laughing, joking and singing, said their goodbyes to the three village schools.

Orange team will miss the long winding climb up to the school and back, the view of hundreds of bare-limbed apple trees and pink and mint green houses that crawl their way all the way up to the top. They’ll miss the long dark braids that are always a little loose by the end of each school day. They’ll miss dirt on their pants and on their shoes from sitting and running around the courtyard. They’ll miss the runny noses. They’ll miss the “tank you’s” and “welcomes.” They’ll miss the beautiful happy eyes looking up at them.

Calvin might miss the flash cards. He was our flash card pro, and was especially great at teaching the kids their math skills. We are voting him future high school math teacher because he’s so good with the older kids.

Bentley will miss his daily workout, using the kids as weights. The kids will miss this too. Somehow he even managed to give the heaviest kids rides as well as the little ones. We vote Bentley future sports trainer.

Grace will miss the steady stream of affection that was always coming her way. She was a magnet for it, with her peaceful, joyful spirit and easy love. We vote Grace future granny.

Lili will miss Sanjeev. Ok, she’ll miss the other kids too (she was wonderful with them all), but Sanjeev truly had her heart. We vote Lili future Kullu resident so she can at least move next to him.

Owen won’t miss anything. He adored the kids and his time at the school, but he is seriously the most chill, relaxed, contended human, happy wherever he is at. We vote him future yogi.

McKelle will miss the smiles she brought the kids, and the smiles they brought her. McKelle radiates happiness, and the kids loved to be near her because of it. She also radiates heat. We vote McKelle future back-up incubator for the eggs at IFA when the power is out.

Kira is incredible. She was an adult leader for orange team. For one so young, it was amazing to see her natural leadership skills, her ease with people of all ages (especially the kids at the school) and her organization. She is seriously the best. Thank you, Kira, for taking such good care of us, for your sense of humor, tender heart, and listening ear. We love you!

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