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Big Oof By Oakland Sperry

November 24, 2019 - 2019: Operation Parivar

Big Oof


A lot has happened since my last blog, but that’s expected. I’ll try to fill y’all in on as much as i can but i don’t know if i can.


So to start off i’ll tell you about our cultural exchange at Rajs daughters school. Rajs daughter shelly is so freaking cute, and i was both bummed we didn’t go to our villages but happy cause we only had to do our dance and song once. This school was really nice!! I was shocked when i saw it, and plus it’s called Cambridge so that makes it even better. There are around 600 students that attend so that definitely had me stressing out. It was also Ashley’s birthday so that also kind of made me feel like i had to bring my A game. There was a lot of discipline incorporated in the school we went to. They were all really good at English and i had a tour guide named eddy show me around the school, which took a while because the school is 5 stories. Afterwards, the school put on a show for us. We had singers, dancers, and musicians who were amazing. A lot of people were choked up after watching it. When it came time for us, everybody was really nervous because we didn’t think they’d like it, but they did thank goodness. Their were lots of pictures, and gifts that were being passed around which made us all feel very special. But ya… that was our cultural exchange


After our cultural exchange, i did something that may or may not have been very smart but i am so happy i did. I got a haircut!!! A large chunk is gone, and not sure they did a very good job but everybody in my group likes it better now, and i definitely agree. My hair was so gross. I drove over to the “saloon” with Raj,  Allison and Ashely. Lots of conversation that made me laugh, and i can’t share it over blog so if you wanna know you might have to come ask me haha. While i got my hair cut, i had to constantly say shorter and shorter so that they would make everything even. My haircut costed a good 3 dollars haha and the product i bought with it was a solid 5. No regrets there


When the time for dinner came, i had forgotten that we would be celebrating Ashley’s birthday at a nice restaurant. I ordered pizza that morning, and when we got there we only had to wait like 10 min before our food got to us. Raj had the entire restarting reserved for our expedition, and the restaurant was happy to do it. It’s crazy how much Raj is respected here. He is an idol for so many people here and i’ve grown pretty close to him. However, i think out of everybody i have gotten the closest with Allison. She is seriously amazing. Back to the restaurant tho, the drive their was crazy. I was in the passenger seat of Raj’s car and he doesn’t hold back. He was passing people so fast! Me and Wyatt were getting in the correct position in case we crashed because i had a hard time holding on and keeping my head from not hitting the ceiling haha. That was my experience at the restaurant tho. Very tasty


I’ve grown really close with so many people here, and i have had so many heart to hearts. I’ve learned so much about people. The firesides we have every night let’s me get to know people personally and that includes leaders. Some nights are harder than others to stay awake, i have only fallen asleep at one of the firesides. I am so grateful to have that time with everybody tho, i love it so much!!


The following morning we had to wake up at 545 to be out and on a bus at 640. We were going to go on a hike to a temple. I tried counting the stairs at the begging but i forgot to continue after 721 so i can say that the hike was around 1,150 stairs, not steps. The view while we were hiking was amazing, and even more so when we got to the peak. It’s cool to think that i peaked a Himalayan Mountain while i was in India. The temple we went to was so cool! We had to take our shoes off before was even stepped close to the temple. Once we were inside we got blessed and were given bracelets. They didn’t tie it on super tight on me so i tried to tighten it the best i could so it was fall off naturally rather than just going undone. We could see so much at the top of the mountain, everybody was talking about how insignificant it made us all feel compared to how big the mountains were and how many people lived in India. I took lots of pictures while we were up there, including some dope pictures of me that i am definitely considering as my senior pictures. At this point i’m not even considering it, i’m set on it. That was the temple….


We were also given the opportunity to participate in a yoga session. We had a pro show us how it’s done which makes me feel like i’m the least flexible person on earth. However, he did say i could do a very impressive tree stance. I could even close my eyes while i did it. All in all i was very happy i got to do the yoga. After the yoga though we had to clean up our room and get it all organized which took me a lot longer than i thought it would.


This is my last blog until i am home, so i will see you all soon!!!



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  1. Whhhaattt!! No pics of the haircut, I can’t wait to see! I miss you so much OaklanderMan! However, I love that you are with Alison, she is amazing and I am so happy that you have gotten close to her! She is loved and admired by so many in our family! Can’t wait to see YOU! LuV, LuV You!!

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