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Shveet By: Oakland Sperry

November 21, 2019 - 2019: Operation Parivar



So my blog number 2 begins, i don’t know if it will be any better than my last because it’s hard to put into words how happy being here with the kids makes me feel. However, i will definitely try for my readers sake.

Not sure where i left off in my last blog but i’ll begin with the spider. My first class that i teach is always the most difficult. The youngest kids are super excited to see us and it’s hard to calm them down. My first class has Aajeet, Arav, Piyashi, Ranbir, Aran, Kanika, and Ritesh (all by memory btw). I love them all so much, but having a spider the size of my hand but slightly smaller makes it hard for me to concentrate. As i’m being careful trying to avoid it, all of the kids just laughed at me! Which kinda made me feel like a wimp having 5 year olds laugh at me about something like that; but i have no shame. All the kids in my class are bad asses.


On the same day when i saw the spider, we pulled out the big parachute at the end. When picturing playing underneath the parachute with the kids, i was so excited!! Up until the point when about 15-20 kids were on top of me. I still had so much fun tho.


The food here is amazing!! I know i’m a picky guy, but i’m pretty sure i’m learning to not be, which i know my mom will definitely appreciate. Love you mom, your amazing!! Speaking of the word amazing, their are these two little girls named Jharna and Varsha who always tell me i’m amazing!! Every time i see them they look at me and hold up their arms wanting me to hold them. One of the first times i picked them up together they both kissed me on the cheek haha, but afterwards i had to emphasize that it wasn’t ok. I love those two girls they are so cute


I burned myself taking a bucket shower. That was nice.


Today, which is Nov 21 on a thursday, we had a dance party!! We went through our lessons as usual, and my first two were especially difficult. Lunch has never tasted so good, bottle of coke with actual sugar and not high fructose corn syrup tastes really good. After finishing my last lesson, we pulled out the speaker to start dancing. Everybody has confirmed w/ me the sold FACT that i am Aajeet’s favorite. Every time i saw him at the dance party he would run at me wanting a hug. I am known in my village for being able to do superman w/ the kids. I throw the kids as high as i can but i don’t think i’ve ever gotten so tired so fast. I can throw Aajeet the highest because he is so light. It both shocks me and doesn’t suprise me how light and heavy these kids are. Its exhausting being myself for everybody i see, but i will continue to try.


Something that was so cool that we’ve done so far is crash an Indian Wedding!!! After our day Raaj came into our bus and said “ we will be crashing an indian wedding, so go with the flow”. He then told us to pack our valuables and grab water and we would drive for about ten minutes down a Himalayan Mountain to the wedding. Music was playing, people were dancing, and then i started to do both. I learned pretty quickly how to do the ceremonial dance, but i’m 100% positive that my mumbo jumbo coming out of my mouth was not correct as far as the music goes. The new indian culture i  get to be a part of is unreal.


Overall, my experience here is indescribable. I have learned so much and i love being able to be here teaching my village as much as i can. I feel like i have changed as a person in the best of ways.


I wrote this all on a bus ride so i’m pretty proud of myself. Anyways, Oakland out!!!

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  1. OH, that smile on your face Oakland is priceless! I am so happy that you are finding true happiness in the service you are doing! LuV Ya to the Moon!!!

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