A Weekend in the Mountains. Operation Alo. By Zoe Sager August 9-10

October 7, 2019 - 2019 Operation Alo

To start off the retreat we all walked to Silver Lake to take pictures. We found multiple beautiful places to take our group pictures. After our little photo shoot was over we all sat around Jeff as he taught a lesson. As we sat next to the lake Jeff talked about how we are all going through something, and someone we know may be feeling a similar way. We participated in an activity where we all stood in a circle and as Jeff listed off some phrases. If you related to a phrase you took a step forward. Every phrase someone stepped forward and most of the time it was all of us. This made us realize we are not all that different. After our amazing lesson was given we headed back to the palmer’s house for dinner. That night we went over packing as well as learned how to better communicate with each other. Then we all prepared our talents for the talent show!! The talent show was amazing with everyone displaying unique talents!

There was art, dancing, singing, gymnastics and more!! Not to brag but we are a group of pretty talented kids. You can’t forget about the leaders fantastic Git Up. After the talent show the night was full of games and laughs!

The next morning we all woke up to an amazing breakfast. Following breakfast we assembled gifts for India and packaged them so they are ready to take with us.

We all want to thank the Palmer’s for allowing us to stay at their home as well as thank the leaders for an amazing retreat!

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