New Village Groups! By: Bentley Arndt

September 2, 2019 - 2019: Operation Parivar

We finally met our village groups! The orange team is comprised of Bentley, Mckelle, Grace, Lili, Calvin, and Owen. The leaders who will be there with us is Amy Scharman and Kira Rogers.


Firstly, we went over how our fundraising was going, and we were all doing very well. We are all within where we needed to be. We talked about our emergency lessons and what else we needed. Then we talked about how we were all excited to be with each other and how we want to be in India right now.


We got snacks and socialized a bit and then we were back to work by doing our lessons. Owen went first and he did an amazing job for doing the lesson. He taught us how to make folders and put our names on it. He taught us basic principles of objects around the classroom.


Lili went next and she did just as well. She taught us basic areas around the human body, such as the ears and eyes.


Overall it was a great meeting! We are all excited to go to India and we are getting prepared accordingly!

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