First Village Meeting-Green Team Blog 💚 By: Samantha Anderson

August 31, 2019 - 2019: Operation Parivar

Green team’s very first Village Meeting was a success!! Everyone was there, and present in the moment. Jens made it so everyone was on task and cooperative. The members of the green team include Wyatt, Samantha, Hayden, Liberty, Felicity, Clara, and Jens is the leader. The meeting was at Jens’ house at 7 o’ clock.


In regards to the meeting, the purpose was to mainly check off emergency lessons from each person, seeing if they had everything all prepared for it. However, first, we went through power plays for compassion. Each person went around and shared something they did since the last meeting to show compassion. My story was that I went to lunch with some new kids at East. They didn’t know the ropes of East quite yet, so I sat at lunch with them, and talked to them about teachers, parking, dances, sports teams, and the clubs of East. One of the girls I sat with was even a foreign exchange student from Spain, coming for a whole school year, which was really cool.


Then, Jens went around the circle and checked off our lessons, just seeing if we had everything in them and if we had any questions about them, which was very helpful. After that was the best part in my opinion, snack time!! We ate pretzels, Melona ice cream bars, chocolate kisses, and so much more. Jens definitely pulled through. 🙂


After that, it was stressful. Jens rolled a dice to see what 2 kids out of the 6 would give their lesson. We each chose a number on a dice, and if our number was rolled, we would present our emergency lesson to the whole group. Jens screamed so loud when the dice was bouncing haha. The two that got rolled were Wyatt and Clara. They both did such a good job. They read their books, went through their flash cards, and had really creative activity ideas. For example, Clara’s lesson was on jobs/occupations. Her activity/craft at the end was to draw the job or occupation that the kids want to have on an already outlined person. You’ll see an example of an artist in the pictures of this blog. I thought it was so clever.


In the end, we brainstormed for songs for our village team video. We ended up choosing Waiting on the World to Change by Jack Johnson, Your Soul by Forrest, Upside Down by a jack Johnson, Walking on a Dream, and Everybody wants to rule the world. I mean, we came up with some pretty fire 🔥 choices if I do say so myself. We did consider Mr. Clean by Yang Gravy which is a bop, but decided it would be better if we’d not. Overall, this meeting was a great success, in hopes for many good meetings to come.

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