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Cultural Exchange — By Kinsey Preece

June 5, 2019 - 2019: vada ka yuva

Family & Friends,

Today was our last day in the school. We used our time in the morning to perform our cultural exchange. The dance consisted of cupid shuffle, cotton-eyed joe, the electric slide and other little dances that we compiled to perform for the students and teachers. We went to both schools and it was really fun to see where the other team has been working and what their school looks like.

After the dance we went back to our school and got to spend the afternoon giving our gifts to the teachers and students. This morning when we were carrying desks up the hill, a boy in the school named Aryan took a desk from me to help carry. Watching him ahead of me, proudly carrying the desk, and wearing the new shoes that we gave to the children made me feel like the work we are doing is appreciated. Today we got to pass out the blankets, school kits with supplies and health kits. Mokshit kept pointing to his shampoo, trying to tell me something so I asked the translator what he was trying to say. She told me that he wanted to tell me that the bottle of strawberry shampoo will be for his mom. It touched my heart that with so little he could give so much. To have even part of his generous and loving character would carry anyone so far. I was sitting in the fourth-grade room helping tie friendship bracelets onto the kids and Aryan tapped me and I saw that he was focused on telling me something important. Before getting up to get the translator, he said to me, “Ma’am, I will miss you.” With tears in my eyes I hugged him and told him that I love him. It was so fun to take photos and enjoy the last day with the kids just having fun.

            I’ve had a really hard week, but spending my days at the school helps me to feel like I can overcome anything to help them. I have been sick, and started my anti-biotics for strep two or three days ago. I’m still really homesick and eager to be back in the states. There was a huge storm that blew part of the roof off the kitchen and made everything really dusty. Everything and everyone afterwards were ok, it was just a very strong and short wind burst following by rain and thunderstorms through the night. I love to read comments from all my family and loved ones and would really appreciate to hear from you!

            We are leaving to go to Shimla in the morning and are going to spend the remainder of the trip enjoying India.



10 Responses to “Cultural Exchange — By Kinsey Preece”

  1. Kinsey❤️!!! My heart may explode reading your words and looking at these pics. Your heart is beautiful and it wouldn’t be possible to feel prouder of you. Thank you for all your love, kindness, wisdom and for your sense of humor through it all. Hope the antibiotics kick in quick and that you are able to savor the rest of this experience. Astronauts often describe looking back at our planet and feeling overcome by the profound truth that we are all connected—that mankind IS the tribe. The culture and people around you are rich in beauty and lessons This opportunity for perspective is priceless. Nanny is fond of the saying “Wherever you go-there you are.” Wherever you go, Kinsey-we are always with you. And you are loved more than words could adequately describe ♾.

  2. Beautifully written Kinsey! Your journey and the way you explained it will forever stay in my heart.

  3. Love you. I support you.

  4. Kinsey,
    I am Isabella’s Grammy. I have enjoyed your posts very much! Your journey has been awesome and a good example to me.
    Thank you for sharing!❤

  5. It is so touching to see those children give of themselves to each of you as well. Such tender moments forever impressed into all our hearts! Hope you are feeling better!

  6. Know it has been a hard week for you Kins. But you have been a real trooper.
    I find the trips that demand the most of me are the ones I love the best. Think you will find that true also. Very proud of you and love you lots……we all miss you too.
    Hope you enjoy your tourist time. My guidebook tells me that Shima has a good market so enjoy the shopping too!! 😊

  7. Kinsey, I can’t believe its almost over! I know you were looking forward to teaching the children the most and i’m so sorry you had to say goodby and its beautiful all the work and wonderful things you were able to do. I love seeing you and all the good you are constantly doing for everyone around you. Get better soon so you can enjoy all the good and amazing wonders around you. YOU are the strongest person I know and you always push me to be better than I was before. Please be safe and more importantly cautious for all you do and see will impact you and others for the rest of theirs and your life. I can’t wait for you to come home and better yet for the time I can hold you to be closer. I LOVE YOU BABE


  8. I am so proud of you for overcoming a lot of hardship and continuing to look outside of yourself. I can see your already kind and giving heart only gained more strength through your experiences this week. Thank you for sharing your goodness. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Oh Kinsey, I’m so sorry you’re homesick! But it’s so normal to feel that way when you do something new and hard for the first time, your body and mind are expanding and growing and homesickness is the growing pain. Kinsey, you are brave and strong and are paving the way for your brothers and my sons to do hard GOOD things! I’m so grateful for your example to them and my heart is full of love and gratitude for who you are. Soak it all in this next week, it will all be a memory too soon 😘

  10. I just love reading your posts. You have always been so capable it doesn’t surprise me at all that despite all your challenges you have been able to continue to give and sacrifice. I look up to you so much- you are a strong woman!

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