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Expect the Unexpected- Samye Snell

May 9, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Tyaggi

We made it to India, we’ve been teaching in schools, and we have had a LOT of curry. The journey here was long: 21 hours of flying time, 10 hours of layovers, and a 10 hour drive. The time is going fast: 2 days of teaching already done and we feel like we’ve known the kids their entire lives.

Being a leader has taught me a lot about being a team player, a teacher, an example, and an equal. Jesse and I have had amazing support from Lisa, Allison, Brett, and Raj along the way and we have an amazing team with us here. We have adapted to unforeseen challenges that we would have not been able to overcome as individuals. We have challenged each other’s values and held each other accountable. We have changed plans last minute and still succeeded. To be honest, our team is a bunch of rockstars. We have grown as a team and our personalities have brought out the best in each other. Our team is small, but we are accomplishing great things here. It is easy to feel discouraged in life, but being here in India, regardless of what we are doing, has shown us the true meaning of humility, genuineness, and compassion. This is bigger than us. 

Watching our team teach is amazing. It was only our second day here and you would have thought we had been teaching these kids for years. You should see all of the different ways we can use flashcards! Our team has been hands-on, bold, and exemplifies what leaders look like. The kid’s personalities have started to bloom and they greet us with smiles every time we see them. The kids are eager to learn and we are eager to teach.

Happiness in India is something amazing. India has poverty, but the culture is rich. India has poverty, but the value they put on education is priceless. India has poverty, but above all it has love. If we do not serve each other, we have nothing else to offer the world. 

Thank you to all of the amazing people in my life and our team lives for getting us to India and supporting what we are doing. We don’t miss you all quite yet, but we might soon.

With love and gratitude, Samye

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