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Still Kickin it in India – Sara Barnett

May 14, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Tyaggi

Hey, hi, what’s up! The craziness has continued to the full extent since you last heard from me.  India has held nothing back in being the most incredible host- treating us to delicious food, breathtaking sights, wonderful people and memories galore.  

Our team has been working on a service project in addition to teaching.  Every afternoon after we finish teaching we trek up the mountain, weaving up narrow alleys and hidden pathways to a little school.  Over the course of the week, the boys dug massive holes and cemented poles into the ground for a new wire fence.  Inside, we completely cleaned out all of the classrooms.  Kenzie and I braved the centipede infested stack of bricks in the corner of one room that clearly hadn’t been touched in ages.  We only screamed once, but tackled the task like champs.  We spackled, sanded and put a fresh coat of paint on all of the walls.  On the last day, we had a group of guys that came to observe us.  We convinced them to help, and they painted the entire outside of the school for us.  It’s been hard work on top teaching, and nobody has had any trouble falling asleep at night to say the least.  Despite that, we have made the best of it and did a great thing for a school that desperately needed it.  There are endless possibilities to help and do good right in front of our eyes, and we have embraced the opportunity to the fullest.  

On top of all that, we have continued to teach the most rambunctious yet lovable kids ever.  Every day, they greet us at the school gate to welcome us and wish us a good morning.  They reach to hold our hand as fast as they can, fighting each other for just a finger to hold.  For the most part, they have loved our lessons and are absorbing knowledge like sponges.  Every so often, they get distracted and beg us to play games.  “Red light, green light”, soccer and “bubblegum in a dish” are the fan favorites.  With each passing day, we build stronger bonds with all of the darling kids we have the privilege of teaching.  

Life is so good. I’m happy beyond words and am constantly blown away by how priceless this experience is. Thanks for tuning in, adios for now!!

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