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The Hated Day — Brin Howard

April 6, 2018 - 2018 Operation: Vishvaas

Hello once again fellow bloggers. The last time I was blogging, I was just chilling at the dinner table. Steve Neff and Brooklyn arre playing cards and all I hear behind me is Steve’s laugh and Brooklyn spitting water and on the ground. I turn around and they’re laughing hysterically, then Brooklyn says “spider” with a mouth full of water. I’m looking on the ceiling trying to find this thing, then she points to the wall and there’s a huge spider. Never have I seen a spider that big. It was the size of a cinnamon roll. We all watch Steve crush it. He hits it with his shoe and guts fly every where. It was so freaking disgusting but we were all dying of laughter.

We drove 5 hours from Rampur to Shimla. On the way we took a picture on a yak, then when we got there we went shopping for gifts. Let me tell you Robbie and Shay I either got you the sickest thing or dumbest, I guess we’ll see. Yesterday morning we woke up at 5:30 to go to the monkey temple. We got bussed up there then we went in the temple. You’re not allowed to wear flashy things or look the monkeys in the eyes or you will be attacked. We had a dog go up and all the way down with us. The dog we named Stella. What a homie. She recently had puppies, but we don’t know where they are. She kept the monkeys away from us and other stray dogs.

We received our letters from our family last night, and I was a mess. I received mine and I was so excited to hear from home but before I opened it I said, “if I get a letter from my brother I’m going to loose it” I open my envelope and first letter I opened it was from Hayden. Immediately I was balling, I usually don’t get to talk to him but I got the letter across the world that was amazing.

The sad part and the end: leaving the kids, my joy, my happiness; the things that made it easy to wake up. We all woke up and there was a very low energy. No one wanted today to come. We all ate breakfast, then headed up to the school. Walking down to the school, we were all already crying.  We had 2 hours to play with them. The Headmaster pulled us in and gave us fried cheese and it was so good it tasted like nuggets but cheese. Then we had 15 minutes left with the kids. The 15 minutes were so fast. We played took pictures, then Steve our leader said let’s go, and the tears were rolling. We all had a hike back to the bus and we were all crying. The 50 minute ride home everyone didn’t stop crying. It sucks to be torn away from these beautiful kids I have so much love for. I never thought I could fall in love with kids so fast and leave and think I will never be back here and never see these kids again. It’s going to be hard leaving these kids but I wake up everyday for them, knowing they’d want me to be strong.

See you all soon love you.

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  1. “What a homie”….you make me laugh B. Miss you much. I’m grateful for this opportunity for you. See you soon!

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