One Word

April 24, 2017 - 2017 Operation Antar Bano

On the flight home, I asked each member of our team to tell me one word that best describes our expedition. Here are the results!

Paige:    present

Emilee V:    selfless

Evan:    gratitude

Taylor:    humbling

Hannah:    inspiring

Lydia:    love

Meghan:    amazing

Brandon:    beautiful

Maddie P:    priorities

Brayden:    unconditional

Mil:    eye-opening

Sam:    surreal

Easton:    tremendous

Bri:    renewing

Allie:    real

Kallie:    revealing

Amelia:    unbreakable bonds

Hailey:    eye-opening

Michael:    enduring

Mady E :    humbling

Tyler:    phenomenal

Emily L:    unexpected

Brian:    amazing

RuthAnne:    teamwork

Amy:    unity

Tim:    accepting

Jody:    unforgettable

Lisa:    relationships


Thank you to every one of you for being the difference! I dearly love you all, Antar Bano!!

❤️ Lisa Palmer

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