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I think they forgot the choking hazard warning….

May 12, 2017 - 2017 Operation: Jazba

Dear friends and family,

I am so sorry for the lack of updates! Life is a little crazy when you are halfway around the world, but it is also really great!! One of the best feelings in the world is being able to teach adorable children with the Himalayan mountains in the background. Seriously, these kids are amazing and I couldn’t be happier. Sorry I am not posting any pictures today, but maybe if I have time to blog another night, I will walk all the way down the hallway to find my camera and upload pictures, but not tonight. 

For now, I just want to share one of my favorite memories. Imagine this: You are out on a dusty playground which consists of lots of dust, rocks, YMAD volunteers, and sweet indian children. We are playing with a parachute which is a huge hit! But, every time you lift up the parachute dust flies everywhere. This isn’t super conducive living to someone who has asthma. Also, we are at a super high altitude and doing a lot of laughing. All of these things are not helpful for trying to breathe. (Good thing I brought my inhaler). Then, the frosting on top of the cake is when all of a sudden there are strong arms around my neck. “What are these?”, I thought to myself. Well, of course, those strong arms belonged to one of our kids. His name is Anurag Thakur. If you say the words, “A new rug taco” in an Indian accent you are pretty close to saying his name right. Well, he decided this moment was a perfect moment for a piggy back ride. And of course I didn’t say no despite the ability to breathe. I continued to play and run underneath the dusty claustrophobic parachute. It was way too fun and really I am exaggerating about being able to breathe. I’m doing just fine, so don’t worry, mom. I just needed a good title for my blog post. But I wanted to share, because this was one of those moments that time felt frozen. I seriously love these children. I love sporadic piggy back rides. And I love the trust these kids automatically give. India is absolutely wonderful!!

Namaste, Megan

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  1. Love it and I would worry anyway!

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