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bark sandwich

May 11, 2017 - 2017 Operation: Jazba

hello friends, family, and anyone reading! It’s been a crazy few days, but definitely a good crazy. Tuesday we had our first day of school. It’s about a 10 min drive, then a 20 min hike to our school, and the hike is absolutely beautiful. we cross a bridge that goes over a river, up the side of a mountain and through a small community of houses. Our teachers and students greeted us with things that look like the indian version of a Hawaiian lei, flowers and big smiles. the first day is always a little awkward, but by the end of the day, the kids decided that my name was Banana and that there was no way to walk anywhere without a bunch of them fighting to hold your hand. 

Wednesday we went to Manali and it was the funniest hour long drive in my life! we ate breakfast at the Johnson Lodge then went on a hike through this huge forest to get to Raj’s amusement park. They had a haunted house, complete with dinosaurs, gorillas and Mickey Mouse. we rode a VR roller coaster, go carts, and raced jumping pumping animals. I didn’t realize that there were different sizes, so I ended up with one for toddlers… everyone made fun of me, even the Indian people that came to watch. Once we were done at the amusement park, we came back to the Johnson lodge for dinner. I ended up having a a watermelon salad. it was literally just chopped watermelon, mint leaves and feta cheese. It wasn’t bad, but I don’t know if I’d get it again. after dinner, went shopping and came home.

Day two of teaching was even better than day one (obviously). The kids loved the lessons and we played in the hot sun for hours. In one of my classes, all the little girls just wanted to pass my head around in a circle and kiss my cheeks. One little girl named Nirja seemed to be upset about something, so I went to go comfort her and make her feel better, but I noticed that she was really hot and looked tired. I asked her if she needed Bani (water) and she nodded her head. when we got her some water, I sat in the shade with her and she rested her head on my shoulder and rested until was time for class again.  I think she might have had heat exhaustion, but she was fine after resting for a bit. I love our kiddos so much, and I can already tell it s going to be so hard saying goodbye.

It’s been so amazing being here, and I’m sad we have to come home so soon. to my family and friends, I love you and hope you’re doing well. No offense to anyone, but I love you the most Will, and hope you’re safe!!! Bye and talk you y’all later!

Banana, out!

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  1. Brenna sounds like you are having a blast! Thank you for loving those kids . I know younheart and know how hard it will be to say good bye. Don’t think about that! Instead remember the good times, the laughters, the smiles, the hugs and most of all remember the love and joy you have shared with these kids. You have been so blessed to be able to finally make it back and I know you will charrish every moment! I miss you and love you! I am so proud of who you have become. And no worries, we know you love Will more and it makes us happy! Xoxo you beautiful girl!

  2. What an amazing experience for you!! So glad to see you having a wonderful time. We love you and be safe. Oh and by the way, totally not offended you love Will more lol!!

  3. Brenna! So good to see you back in India loving those adorable kids! Enjoy every minute of being totally present! Love you! <3

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