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India Here We Come! Last YMAD College Group Meeting!

April 5, 2017 - 2017 Operation: Jazba

Today marks the last deadline of the money we have all worked to raise for our humanitarian trip (Special thank you and shoutout to all y’all that helped this group make it and prepare for this great journey)!  This is getting us all more ansi knowing that it’s almost here!! This is real life! 


In addition to our deadline being met we went through and double checked our supplies that we have to help with the children we get to meet in India. With one more month to go we are now one step closer to achieving our goal– to show the world that there is still good in it and that everyone is deserving of a life full of love.


If anyone is still looking to help we are always appreciative of donations, whether that is your time, clothing, hygiene supplies, or money. Thank you!

We’re going to India!!!

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