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Green Team

December 3, 2017 - 2017 Operation Sukhi

It’s the final day here in my village of Koch Pakur and the day boarding school!

We have been treated like honored guests by the village people!

We have been adorned with flowers by the children during the village tours !

But more importantly, the villages shared their children with us! And they have stolen our hearts! Just like in the cartoon the grinch that stole Christmas,

We found our hearts had suddenly grown 10 times its size!

I have the most amazing team! I love them all!

You parents have a lot to be proud of! We have struggled, laughed, and learned and stretched our selves farther then our usual comfort zones. Our team bonded so well with each other. We truly have so much fun in whatever situation we find our selves in!

I can proudly say that each of my teens have loved and reached out to the kids with all of their heart and energy!

They Have all worked very hard under difficult circumstances! And all have had perseverance!

Yes, you can tell they have been taught well by there parents !

Katheryn has the most contagious laugh! We all love it when she makes us laugh! She was the first to lead us when we needed to build each other up!

She loved the kids so much !

Lyndsey was the one of our group always first to volunteer to do the work! Kept track of all our education supplies ! She had the softest heart for the little children !

Sam was the star of the show for the girls! He won all of the little girls hearts! He Was always willing to lead the kids in group activities often times at the last minute!

Noah the musician of the group! Lead us as we sang to the villagers in there homes !

All the little boys flocked to him

And loved his antics !

Brook the glue that held us together ! The mother and the nurturer of our group she is loved by all including the little children!

I think that as a team we were able to make a difference in the Indian children’s lives !

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