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Happy in Andaman

November 29, 2017 - 2017 Operation Sukhi

We received a text from Jane early this morning:

This trip has been amazing! Unfortunately, we are experiencing some real Shindia when it comes to the blog. We have had zero luck connecting to the internet since Thanksgiving. Mina has been able to connect a bit but we’ve been away from Nishtha every time there has been a connection. Such a bummer. We have also learned that we will not be able to connect to the internet here on the island. 

We are all doing great! The teens are happy, healthy, and have had an experience teaching that they will never forget. Yesterday as we said goodbye their hearts were very full. We know it’s very disappointing to not be hearing from the teens but they have had an amazing few days. We are so impressed with this group and their ability to disconnect from home and fully connect with the children and women of Nishtha. They are all best friends with each other and getting along so well. We arrived in Andaman just a few hours ago. We are ready to play and relax and enjoy the activities that have been planned for us here.

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