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Showered With Kisses and Hugs

November 24, 2017 - 2017 Operation Sukhi

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already thanksgiving day! First off I’m saying hi to my family and that I love and miss you! I’m having the greatest experience of my life here in India. My team was assigned the village named Umapatur, and the people that are there are so grateful for everything we are doing for them. We spend about the first half of our day at the village playing/ teaching the kids at school and then we go on our village tours. I LOVE THE TOURS! We go around to people’s houses and they give us Indian food and tell us a little about them, and always say for us to come again. After the village, we head to the boarding school and teach the little girls. The girls are so cute, and I’m always showered with kisses and hugs. I’m so happy that I can try and help these girls make a better life than the rest of the people that are in poverty. I’m loving everyone on our team and I’m so grateful to be here in such a beautiful place. It amazing that I can love so many people that I know hardly anything about! I never expected to fall in love with this place, and it’s people so fast, and I’m so sad that we are going to be done teaching soon. I really don’t want to have to leave. Happy thanksgiving everyone, I love you all and hope you are all doing fantastic!:)

Love, Raychel 

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  1. We love hearing about the trip and adventures. Miss u, and look forward to hearing more.
    Mom & Dad

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