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Joy, Love, and Beauty

November 24, 2017 - 2017 Operation Sukhi

The joy, the love, the beauty from the culture and children has taught me so much this week and I can’t begin to imagine what leaving this place will be like. I have grown so accustomed to waking up on the floor next to Estelle and Emily in a surrounding bug net, having potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Falling asleep to the constant honking in the city streets and drenching tea tree oil in my hair before I leave for the village even though I probably have lice. This culture is so beautiful. The kids smiles are so beautiful. The girls kisses are so beautiful. The sounds, the smells, everything is so beautiful. It feels me with such compassion and courage in the lessons I have have been taught and that I can carry with me in my life. We were told that these girls at the boarding school that they have three options to choose from if we don’t succeed with our lessons and love for them. One, slavery. Two, prostitution. Three, abuse. I am and have put ever bit of energy into those girls teaching them the vocabulary words. I have grown to love them so so much. I hope they will never give up fighting and learning and getting by each day because they are my best friends. They are my sisters. I hope they will feel loved and feel joy in their because if anything it’s those girls.

Here are some things about me here in India

  1. I’m not that bad at driving

  2. I am sick of potatoes (no more hashbrowns for me)

  3. Ihavelice-IhavenotfoundanyyetinmyhairbutIknowIdo.

  4. I should start blowing kisses to strangers because it is so funny

  5. IfIgetbitonmyfacebyabugmyfacewillswell

  6. I have seen either a goat or chicken die every day

  7. I am the winner

  8. I HATE pipiya it tasks like rotten A$$

  9. I lose my voice every day from yelling and teaching

  10. I will never play ride that pony ever again

S/O to baby Roy, Riya, Rupa, saha so much love for you beautiful girls. You are my best friends and sisters.

I love you mom and dad tell ziggy and auzie I love them too. 

One Response to “Joy, Love, and Beauty”

  1. We were so happy to see your letter today. We love you and miss you so much. The people in India are so lucky to have you and your team there.
    Things in Utah: the house still isn’t finished (haha); ziggy still has his splint on;
    Thanksgiving day was the warmest ever and we did have potatoes with dinner. We loved reading your notes to us, thank you!
    Happy thanksgiving! Bama and pop send their love. Nate and justin miss you. Auzie and ziggy miss you as well. Enjoy every moment! Love mom and dad

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