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Babies, Puffed Rice, Coconuts, and Chai Tea

November 24, 2017 - 2017 Operation Sukhi

Just wanted to let you all know, I plan on staying in India until the day I die. Feel free to

come and visit me anytime. ( sorry mom and dad ). you can find me living happily in a village called Umapatur, and I’ll be surrounded by babies, puffed rice, coconuts, and chai tea.

As you can tell I’m having the time of my life, and I’m loving every little moment, and I’m soaking it in as much as I can. My journal entries have been so long because I want to remember everything! I can’t even start to explain how wonderful and amazing my experience here has been so far. Let’s just say that when people told me this would change my life, they were absolutely right. To start off, our village Umapatur (oo-mapa-tor) is amazing. Everything there is just so green, and there are little baby goats and cows right off the path where we walk. I can’t even begin to sum up how adorable the children in the village are. I wish I could take every single one of them home with me, they are all so loving, and pure. When we drive up to the entrance of the village, there are more than 20 children standing there waiting to say hello, and hold our hands as we walk them to school. OH THE BABIES. I am in love with all the little babies. I probably hold more than 5 different babies each day and I want to cry because they are so sweet! After teaching all the 100 children in the tiny school, we go around and tour our village. The tours are such an eye opening, and unique experience. Every house we go to, they give us food, and tell us their stories, and it makes me so thankful for all that I have. They explain to us that it is such an honor, and that it makes them so happy that we come and visit their home. The women are so inspiring here. They go through so much, and yet are so strong, wise, and loving.

The main day boarding school is something I could never ever forget as long as I live. All the girls there just love you to your core. I’ve never felt so much love for someone I’ve never even met, and receive even more love in return. Right as I walk into a room I’m immediately hugged, given candy, and kissed, by a huge group of girls. They have so little, and yet they give all they have to us YMAD kids. It’s going to be heart wrenching on goodbye day, because even now it hurts my heart to see them go. I cannot even begin to explain how much I love all of my new best friends that I have in India. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

I’m still alive, even though I’ve almost died riding in the TATAs, eaten a lot of different food, and have gotten mauled by little children every day. I’m loving my team, and everyone on this expedition! I feel like I can go to them for anything, and we are all having loads of fun!

For whoever is reading this, I love you, and I cannot wait to come home and tell you all about the experiences I’ve had here! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

(or shophie as all the little kids say) 😉 

7 Responses to “Babies, Puffed Rice, Coconuts, and Chai Tea”

  1. Sophie! Happy Tears!!!! I can’t tell you how happy I was to see your post today! What an incredible experience you are having there – I can tell you already have so much love for the people, children and BABIES! It all sounds so amazingly unique and life changing. Love You Most! PS- you’d better not stay there because I miss you too much!
    Love, Mom.

  2. Sophie,
    What a treat to finish Thanksgiving by reading your post. We have been thinking about you and missing you all day. We are so thankful that you are well and that you are having an amazing experience. It truly sounds like you are having a life changing experience. I’m sure this will give you a new perspective on what is important in life, and what brings true happiness. We are so proud of you and love you so much.
    Love you, XOXO dad

  3. Sophie, I’m so glad you’re having this experience! It sounds so amazing! I’ll come visit you in India any time. Lizzie.

  4. Dear, dear Sophie.
    This experience is just so you. You are so loving and giving. This just resonates with your beautiful soul. I can see you being involved in something like this again (or again and again. )
    I am so glad you get to open your sweet heart this way.
    I hate coming to your house and seeing your car there and know you are a world away. But it all is better now, knowing what a growth experience you are having.
    We missed you, but missed your rolls more. Ha Ha
    Love you sooo much.

  5. SOPHIE!!! I miss you soooooo much! Thanksgiving was not the same without you. every morning I wake up and expect you to be in your bed right next to me! And At breakfast I always leave two extra of everything because I’m not used to you being gone 🙁
    I wish I could be there with you, all of those girls seem so sweet and I can tell they love all of you guys. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH – Chloe

  6. Sophie. What a great way to top Thanksgiving. You are as beautiful as the beautiful people that are warming your heart. Way to soak it all in.

  7. Sophie!

    I miss you so much! I’ve learned how to be a magician while you are gone so I can’t wait to show you my tricks when you get home. The people there sound happy and nice. I hope you have a really good time and that you’ll be safe a protected.

    Love you!

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