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Moving an Elephant: Brooke and Allison

November 30, 2016 - 2016 Operation: Ashabadi

We left Chamba this morning in a large herd and drove to Dharmsala, we had a fun surprise along the way.  Everyone is happy and mostly healthy.  We will try to give daily updates, but internet can be tricky, your patience is appreciated.


Years spending Thanksgiving in India and every year we learn something new, every year we are more grateful for all the opportunities that we have and for the people we encounter, your kids are those people. They are an incredible bunch.  We have learned more from them than they could know.  They are kind, funny and smart.  They all are deeply compassionate and look out for one another.  It is rare to have this many people all liking each other and working so hard for the common good.  They have become a close-knit bunch and we could not be more proud.  We feel extremely lucky to be in such good company.  Thank you for raising such amazing humans and thank you for allowing us to be a part of their lives.  We love them like our own, we are doing everything in our power to deliver them safely home to you.


Brooke and Allison

6 Responses to “Moving an Elephant: Brooke and Allison”

  1. Are those the little bread things sold by the woman on the street? If so, I’m very, very, very jealous. and what luck with the elephant!

  2. India never cease to amaze!! Glad you are having such a grand adventure! Special thanks to Raj, Nandini, Allison and Brooke and all the amazing leaders that made this trip possible! Safe Travels!

  3. Can’t stop smiling. Riding an elephant has been #1 on Emery’s bucket list for as long as I can remember. So happy for her and your group!! Safe travels.

  4. These are amazing photos!!! So glad you were able to post them. So happy for another day of INCREDIBLE places and people.

  5. I can see Rachael smiling with Naomi way up in that elephant. So glad you got to do that. Wow!!!

  6. This is so awesome. This was one of Staci’s secret desires. Thanks so much for letting this happen. It looks like it has been a highly successful trip on all accounts. What amazing leaders you have been. Thank you for watching out for them and helping them experience this wonderful adventure. You will always be in our hearts for your dedicated and loving service.

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