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Bittersweet: Emery Pierce

November 29, 2016 - 2016 Operation: Ashabadi



Well today was probably the hardest but also best day ever. It is our last day in Chamba so we had to say goodbye to all our kids. As you can expect, I was an absolute mess. Seriously the embarrassing cry where the tears would not stop. The good part was giving them all the supplies we’ve been gathering. Wow really it made the past 10 months completely worth it just seeing their little faces light up when we gave them their presents (blankets, hat, gloves, hygiene kits and school kits). I know I talk about these kids so much but truly they have changed me for the better. They inspire me to want to do more good and help more people. I am so extremely grateful to have been able to be a part of their lives only for only 7 short days. I gave them all little Polaroid pictures that they absolutely loved! I wrote a short little note on the back of each one and it was the cutest thing. I also handed out my family pictures I brought and they emptied the entire book! They could not get enough of them!

Our bathrooms are coming along very nicely! The boys bathroom is super close to being done but not quite yet. I can’t wait for them to be able to use it. They tiled everything though and it looks super good! Makes the place look a little bit better. We also painted our handprints on a wall in their classroom during lunch. It was super cute and fun to be able to leave a little piece of us there that’ll always be with them.

I’ll miss the kids so much but I will also miss Chamba in general. It is SO beautiful here I can’t even express it in words. Being here still is unreal to me. It’s hard to believe that I am on the complete other side of the world! We are staying so busy it’s hard to really have time to ponder it. But I’m constantly having to remind myself where I am and to be savoring every second cause I will most likely never come back. It is so common to be walking or driving down the road and we turn a corner and just get the most breathtaking view up an entire valley. There’s all these amazing colorful little houses up all the mountainsides. There’s the most beautiful blue green riverthat we cross everyday getting to our school that still so unreal.

Anyways, we leave Chamba in the morning to go to Dharmsala then night train to Delhi then home! This is my last scheduled blog but you might hear from me later in the week. If not, love you and see you all soon.


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  1. Yay, the Polaroid worked!! Glad Madi told us about that!! CANNOT wait to see you. Nothing important to report from home. Trying to keep it low key so you don’t miss out on anything, but I can’t keep this boring routine going any longer. Hurry home as fast as the planes, trains and automobiles will SAFELY take you. We have some serious partying to do this weekend. I’m getting ready!! Love ya sweetheart. Job well done in Chamba!! What a difference teenagers can make in the world!!

  2. I don’t have anything to say…just miss talking to you. So Hi. [Kiss face and heart emoji]

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