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Most Excellent Adults Leaders- Steve Neff

November 27, 2016 - 2016 Operation: Saktisali

I realized tonight that there is one blog post that is missing.  We all write about the wonderful teens but the ones not to be overlooked are the amazing leaders that give all they have to help these teens grow and learn.  I want to take some time share my love and admiration for the Adult leaders of Saktisali.  There husbands, wife, fiancee and children need to know what great work they are doing.

Corey – She isthe boss, the driver and the power behind the operation.  We are in India because of Corey.  Today I learned that the Bengali word that sounds like Corey means to do.  That is Corey she is a doer.  She doesn’t want recognition and will kill me when she reads this, but she is the one that takes what YMAD provides and makes this trip happen.  She loves the teens and the program immensely.  Coming to India the first time was the second hardest thing she has done in life after being a mother (and wife).  She does it for love of the people served.  I can’t say enough good about Corey.  (Admittedly,I am biased as she is the love of my life).

Steve Lloyd – Dr. Steve as he is called is a man of wisdom and depth.  He has seen more pain and heartache; death and horror than a person should have to endure in a lifetime.  He has used his past experience to make himself stronger and better.  He likes everyone to believe that he is like the Grinch with a heart one size too small but it reality, if his heart were any bigger there would be no room for anything else in his chest.  He is a man of humor and high expectations. He asks the teens to do great things and watches them meet his requests.

Melissa Thatcher – Melissa is a caretaker.  It breaks her heart every time she leaves her husband and 2 daughters.  Another thanksgiving away from them is very hard for her.  She serves as Corey’s right hand.  She makes sure the teens get the work done.  She is full of love and compassion.  She has such a desire to give of herself with all of us.  Her zest for life is as boundless as her love.  People want to be better when around her.  Thank you, Steve for sending her with us.

Jill Moyes – I didn’t know what to expect when I first met Jill.  I have learned that she is an outstanding lady of service and talent.  I am enthralled by the love she shares with her team.  Her teens adore her and all the teens love her.  We, adult leaders, appreciate her quiet commitment to do good and her steely determination to fight for what is right. Her willingness to serve and her desire to make great things happen.  When she learned that there was work being done at Nishtha for disabled children, she insisted that our teens be allowed to meet these children and share our love with them.  It made for some very impactful moments for the teens. Thank you, Joe for letting your wife join this adventure.

Stephanie Walgamott – Stephanie is sweet and kind as well as fiery and ferocious.  She so wants to see these Indian children have a better life. She sees her team as a catalyst to making that happen.  She pushes her team to bring strength and power to their lessons.  She is filled with compassion for the people that we visit.  She shows great interest and respect.  I knew that this trip was hard on her and her husband as well as her 2 beautiful children. I didn’t realize that she was spending her 5th wedding anniversary with us as well.  Her sacrifices have pushed her to use every moment in India to its fullest.  She is a great lady.  Thank you, Robert for watching the kids while she is with us.

Todd Adams – Todd was the last Adult Leader to join our team.  It is a great pleasure to work with him.  As I have watched him come out of his shell and love the people in his village, it is truly a sight to behold.  He has a great love for the children and the connection to the people of India.  He seems to be loving every minute of the trip.  He excited to get up each morning for the adventures of the day.  He is so full of life and love.  He brings power and focus to his team.  Thank you, Kelleen for sharing Todd with us for these last 10 months.

Jenny Adamson – Jenny is our intern and manager of the blog.  She has been an inspired addition to our team.  She should be home planning a wedding for her and her fiancee, Tayne. But she is here with us.  She helps balance the work load for the teens with the compassion for what they are going through.  She cares so much about your teens.  She wants them to have the best experience possible.  She pushes them to get the blogging done so that you can get timely updates.  She is working hard to make this blog work.  She is loved by the children here.  They love her golden locks, her infectious smile and incredible soccer skills.  Corey and I appreciate her for making our lives easier.  We love her because she is such a great lady.  Tayne, I promise we will get her back in time for the wedding.

These are our indescribable adult leaders.  They are all much loved and very much appreciated.  This post wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to the following ladies:  

Eden Cowart the brains and power behind YMAD.  Gretta Millett our quartermaster, and Allison Ford our education coordinator.  These three women gives us what we need to succeed in India. 

Finally, we must include our amazing home support and music coordinator, Miss Lynda Christensen.  She taught us how to love by her example before we left and will continue when we return.  Miss Lynda, we love you.

8 Responses to “Most Excellent Adults Leaders- Steve Neff”

  1. I appreciate that Steve. Wouldn’t want to end up in the temple alone with a runaway bride. Sounds like everything is going amazingly. I love you all and I’m so proud to be a tiny part of what you are all doing, even if it is just fiancé support.

  2. Thanks to all of you for your love and nurturing ways! You have pushed and led the kids to be better, which I love!
    Thanks again!
    Teresa Wilding

  3. Steve, thanks for being a miracle worker! We love you!

  4. Thank you all for all you do!

  5. Each one of you is amazing! Thank you so much for all you do!!

  6. Please send a message to Steve Lloyd for us.

    Steve, we miss and love you. Hope you had a happy Indian Thanksgiving full with Naan and Dahl- jealous about you getting to eat food that we love. We know that you are helping those teenagers have a great life experience in India- you are a great man for volunteering your time this way. Can’t wait to hear about this year’s experiences.

    By the way Rich finished and did well on his Ironman- 11 hrs 29 min- faster that he had hoped.

    By the way the description of you in this post about acting like a the grinch but really being a big softy could be more right on.

    Love, The Greenbergs

  7. How honored to be mentioned in the same breath as these incredible leaders. So, not deserved. My little contribution is minor in comparison to what Steve and Corey, Jill, Melissa, Stephanie, Jenny and amazing Dr. Steve. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing group. Can’t wait to see all yall!!!

    Miss Lynda

  8. Thank you, to all of you, for the difference you have made in the lives of the children of India, and the difference you have made om the lives our own children and grandchildren and in each other. Thank you for your caring, your service and your love. Thank you!

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