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Team Baguni (Bengali for Purple) Rocks! -Melissa Thatcher

November 26, 2016 - 2016 Operation: Saktisali

What a way to end an amazing week. It is hard to believe that this kids have been in India for 5 days and are still going strong. The purple team (Sabrina, Sam, Miranda, Isaac and Sophie) was assigned to work in the village of Kochpukur, my home away from home. 

In our school we have about 120 beautiful children that have fallen in love with your teens. Each morning after the kids have packed lunches and school supplies we head to our school which is deep in the jungle. It is quite an amazing drive. It never gets old hearing the constant blur of the horns, dodging stray dogs, and praying that some how our car will fit in such a tight space as we pass other vehicles, bikes and pedestrians. Some how during all the white knuckle driving, I have never felt safer. I am always amazed in our car at the teens when asked ‘Do you have you water for the day?’ they answer, ‘Yes Mom!’ My team is so on top of it! I never have to worry about them being prepared and I am so impressed with how well they teach the lessons and how well the kids respond. I can promise you that the kids we will bring you back to Utah are not the same kids that left. I have seen them grow so close to and form bonds with the kids in the village school along with the kids they teach over at the Main Day Boarding School. One can never fully prepare a teen for what they will experience here in India. Eyes have been opened and I know that your kids have witnessed seeing poverty at a whole new level. Although they see the stress of everyday life these people experience on a daily basis, they have also been able to experience and receive a priceless gift all have to offer them while visiting their homes after school—pure and unconditional love. 

Here is what I have learned about my teens: 

Sophie, is bright, creative, and so interested in the kids. They love her and love to kiss her on the cheek while yelling Sophie!!!! Sophie is the dance queen and the first one to start the dance party at the end of school. Her spunky personality has captivated all the kids attention.

Sam. Oh my, the girls love Sam. They are always fighting over who will get to be in his first teaching rotation. Baby (one of our girls in the Boarding school) will not let Sam leave her sight. Sam is so sweet with the kids, they adore him!

Miranda. Everyone thinks she is an Indian princess,  They always talk about how beautiful she is. When she teaches they kids do not take their eyes off her, she has them captivated and they are eager to go over on her lessons because they love her so much.

Isaac is hilarious. Our village and main day girls love watching him dance. Isaac has stolen the heart of many of the kids. He is now a football hero and feared by many of our boys because not only can he make a goal playing against these Indian boys (who think they are pretty hot stuff) but he can also ninja kick other players into water ditches without them even seeing it coming.

Sabrina is a rockstar. She had the kids loving her right from the moment we entered the school. The girls all love her hair and braiding it with flowers is something that has become an everyday thing. when she brings her Ukulele, magical things happen.

I am so grateful to have had the chance to come back to work amongst the most humble of people. I love India and all it has to offer. Being able to see past students grow over the past year is an amazing thing to witness. Connecting with old friends while making new oneshas been life changing. I love India, and I love your kids!!!

P.S I miss you Family!!! I can not wait to see you next week. xoxo


4 Responses to “Team Baguni (Bengali for Purple) Rocks! -Melissa Thatcher”

  1. Hello Missy,
    It is so good to see your beautiful face. I know your Team Purple kids love you because you give love and are so easy to love. Thank you for helping them discover that happiness is not in things, but in people, and our love for them. Thank you for blessing the lives of the children of India. I am proud of you and love you very much.

  2. Hey Honey,
    Love reading about your experience and telling of your purple teens. How blessed they have you as the example to follow. I know how much you love India and everything about the YMAD journey. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    Miss Lynda

  3. Melissa!!
    Have you been with cutie? Did you get to hug Mahima?? I’m so jealous, you’re so lucky to be with those amazing girls, those teens better be loving the crap out of them!!;) I love reading your experiences!! Love and miss you!!
    -Sierra Pogue

  4. Simple joys = Simply Joy!! Way ‘ta be a builder Missy!

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