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Its Good To Be Back-Jenny Adamson

November 26, 2016 - 2016 Operation: Saktisali

It feels so good to be back in India! The food, the kids at the schools, the crazy car rides, everything about it is amazing to me. When I left the day boarding school three years ago as a teen, I thought I would never be able to see this place again let alone the girls I taught. Now, three years later, a lot has changed! Im Back! The school and Nishtha both have additions made to the buildings as well as new paint, the garden we planted is now full of flowers, a lot of the girls are new to me and the ones that I know are all grown up! But the love I have for the girls and this place is still there. I love the people here and I love that I have the opportunity to be here. I get so excited thinking about how much the teens that came will learn from this experience. Although some of them might not realize at the moment how much this experience will change their life, it will in so many ways! They are all doing amazing at teaching the children here and have really come together as a team. This experience is unlike any other and I am so grateful to be back here again!


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  1. Dearest beautiful Jenny,

    Thank you for all you do and especially the challenge of playing anything you were asked to on the Uke. I am glad you are back there again and your eyes and smile tell sooooo much. I guess that is where the saying comes from…your face tells everything.

    Love ya.
    Miss Lynda

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