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I’m Small I Know- Todd Adams

November 26, 2016 - 2016 Operation: Saktisali

Wow, what an eye and heart-opening experience India has shared with me.  To come to an area that I would find unacceptable to even think of living in these conditions and then to find love, happiness, and the humility of the people here pouring their blessings out upon me.  I came here expecting to find joy in my giving, which I have, but I did not expect to receive so many of the gifts that have come my way—not only the love from the school age children but also from the adults as well.  Asking so many questions and sharing so much of what little they have.

Yesterday, 11/25, I had the opportunity to plant flowering plants at what is called the Main Day Boarding School.  They have a flower garden and also vegetable garden in which they take great pride.  I have always felt more connected to an area when I am able to get my hands dirty in the soil.  

My Red Team members:

Jane- Has so much fun with the children, she is so animated when she is teaching them.

Ashlyn- Has been so committed to sharing the education lessons with the children.

Michaela- You can just see the joy in her eyes as she spends time with the children.

Nathan- Always smiling and so excited to share what has been going on during his day.

Ben- The girls love them all but Ben has them clinging to him, not wanting him to go.

For me, a lowly single person who has often felt of little or no worth in his life, I have found friends who have helped me to see value beyond the trash that surrounds me in my every day life.  There is so much trash here, and yet life goes on.  The trash is just trash, it comes & goes.  Sometimes it stays around for awhile & stinks, but life continues and I choose whether to let it bother me and slow me down or to look around it and see the beauty. 

 I am so grateful for what I have, for Kellene, McKenna, Justin, Dalton and MaLee.  

I’m small I know but where ever I go the grass grows greener still.

Love Todd

5 Responses to “I’m Small I Know- Todd Adams”

  1. Thanks Todd for taking care of our boy Nathan! We so appreciate your time and effort you’ve put in to make this a great experience!

  2. Thanks for volunteering to lead our children on this great adventure. We really appreciate all your time!

  3. T.O.D.D
    You are wonderful. I am so glad you are there!
    LOVE ya LoveYA!
    Miss Lynda

  4. This was beautiful to read. Thank you for sharing. We miss you! <3

  5. Wow Todd! I love this! You put your experience into words so beautifully! So glad you are able to have this experience! Love you!

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