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10 best things about tiger camp

December 1, 2011 - All Posts, 2011 Operation Prakash

So as Chad and I were having our straight shave at the Hotel Taj Bengal, awaiting our sauna, massage and steam bath treatment I was thinking about my ten favorite things about Tiger Camp.

#10 A big hive of bees outside the Cobabe’s cottage. It was huge, thousands of bees. The tiger camp staff said, “Its ok. You don’t disturb, they don’t disturb.” That makes me feel better. (Also the real life food chain going on in the drop ceiling above my bed. Something is getting killed up there.)

#9 Ringing a bell whenever anything important is going on. A piercing bell, you can’t miss it. It could be tea, a tiger movie, a walk to a village or maybe a dramatic play about a tiger goddess.

#8 Late night card games in the watchtower and card games on the boat. Listening to the teens telling each other how much they have loved their experience or how they don’t want to go home.

#7 Push up challenge. So the teen boys started a little pushup game. Whenever you said the word “mine” you would have to do 10 pushups. Some adult leaders and I sweetened the challenge a little and added the word “like.” I never realized how many times I said “like” especially like when there are like a bunch of like teens around. I’m sore today.

#6 Baby crocodiles lying in the mud, fiddler crabs and monkeys. Our translator Abivjeet asking me if I got to see all the mud today. He thinks it’s pretty funny we don’t see any tigers only mud. The guide got pretty angry with him.

#5 Pork and beans and something that tasted much like tuna oatmeal for breakfast. Yummy. Luckily for the great little bananas.

#4 Scalding hot water delivered in a big silver bucket to your hut on demand. A hot bucket bath shower. What more could you ask for?

#3 Bonfires with eucalyptus leaves and other spices burning as you watch folk dances and listen to songs.

#2 Listening to our guide Naranjan Raptan tell his story of survival when he and his uncle were attacked by a tiger. His uncle threw himself over Naranjan and saved him. His uncle didn’t make it. Then listening while Chad told it again in English.

#1 Enjoying a little down time with some great friends.


4 Responses to “10 best things about tiger camp”

  1. You make me laugh! …and…Chad was translating?

  2. Love it! You are being so much better about blogging—I'm impressed. Love you long time!

  3. EXCELLENT! HOORAY FOR ALL OF YOU!And I CANNNNNNN actually see an upside to not seeing any tigers….. SO excited to see you all Saturday night! Have a great trip home, with all your amazing memories and precious new friends tucked safely in your hearts forever!

  4. The anticipation is killing me. Who won the push up challenge?

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